Dreams I Have, Life I Want

Heyo, my name is Kendra. I'm 17 years young, and this is my tumblr for sharing things that happen to me every once in awhile; But kind of like Pinterest (which I'm on as well) I want to post things that I dream about, or want; for example, a room to my dream house, or art that really speaks to me, things like that. So follow if you will, don't if you won't, hopefully I'll see you around.

This is my pitbull terrier mix, his name is Maki. I love his eyes, especially in this picture (Taken with Instagram)
A simple doodle on my chemistry table (Taken with Instagram)
Hand drawn tattoo design for myself, sometime this summer I’d like to get this on my upper arm (Taken with Instagram)
Well, I’ll say it now, I like to share obnoxious amounts of photos of my pets, here’s a beautiful one of my cat, he’s 15 years old and been my buddy his entire life. (Taken with Instagram)
This is a dress I made out of newspaper for a competition. It’s shown here in the art gallery, I received third place for it, out of 40 entries. (Taken with Instagram)


Hmm… thats a tough one!  I think the earliest memory I have, was in preschool when the teachers would put lots of shaving cream on the tables and let us play with it :D i’m sure they hated cleaning up after us, but making pictures with it was really fun if I remember correctly!

Heyo, my name is Kendra; I’ll be 17 this september, starting my senior year of highschool. I work as a Housekeeper, and I live with my parents, twin brothers 14 years of age, and my 18 year old sister.

I take obnoxious amounts of pictures of my pets, once in awhile I do CG art, and i’m recently trying to get myself into art journaling. Since im out of school for the summer, i want to get into the traditional arts more at home.

(pictures from right to left, are my cat Banditt, CG art I did for my mom, and a colored pencil drawing I did of red riding hood)